Fall Ins.

My fall ins.
Black & grey with a splash of color.
Boots, boots, boots.. slouchy, thigh-high, Docs, ankle.. etc.
Less dramatic every-day makeup.
Wavy, untidy locks.
Strong shoulders.
Clothing hardware… buckles, zippers, buttons.
Finger-less gloves.
Knit scarves, socks & hats!
Leggings & tights will never leave this list.
Blazers.. always.
Vintage scarves.. I think they’ve been on this list every since I discovered momdawg’s vintage collection.

Looking for..
A pair of long leather gloves.
A good maxi skirt.
Beige trousers.
Floral-print & dotted tights.
Leather leggings.
Some time to go to the gym!

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